Service Fees

Dance Box Office charges a flat rate service fee per ticket of $1.90 This is considered to be average for the ticket industry.

$1.00  covers costs for merchant services from the credit card companies.
$0.40 covers the cost of internet operations and allows us to offer this service free to the dance community.
$0.50 is donated back to the dance community to support local works, capital improvements and advertising. does not retain ANY profits from service fees.

Here are just a few of the projects we helped to fund as a result of that extra $0.50 collected in service fees…

Invisible River 2015 – $100
Fidget 2015 – DUST – $200
PDP – Local Dance History Project $100
Dance at West Park Arts Fest $50
Sam Tower The Travelers $50
Dance Scholarships Various $750
Iron Factory Performance Series $650
Experimental Performance at thefidget space $100
NO TRANSLATION : A dance where bodies (Mis)Communicate $45
Black Male Revisited – Jaamil Olawale Kosoko $100
BLACK OUT by joy mariama smith $100
Performance Garage Dance Marathon Fundraiser $500
shatter:::dawn dance Installation-Zornitsa Stoyanova $100
Student Dance Scholarship $500
Invisible River by Alie Vidich $100
The Garden by Nicole Canuso Dance Project $100
Chisena Danza Live Music Project $100
Vervet and Friends Dance Performance $100
Promotion of ONE – KYL/D $300
Dance Scholarships Various $1000
DNALateNite: other.explicit.bodies. curated by Jaamil Kosoko $40
Elizabeth – a dance on film by Tori Lawrence + Co. $100
Lauren Mandilian Timelines $100
New Sound System for Chi Movement Arts Center $600
Sharp Dance On Tour $100
Dance for Dreams Dance Immersion $100
us by Megan Bridge $250
Jeanne Ruddy Dance Final Season $250
Leah Stein 10th Anniversary Performance $100
Alchemy Dance Performance Fundraiser $240
Cant by Daniele Strawmyre $100
Danseur Within $50
KYL/D Trip to Indonesia $850
“Bearing Fruit” by Jennifer Morley $100
Swan Songs by Meredith Rainey $100
“Back to the Place I First Left You” by David Konyk $100
my Generation, a dance landscape by Kate Speer $100
London’s Calling! by Brian Mengini $10
SEED: subcircle in Prague by Niki Cousineau $300
AUTO by Kate Watson Wallace $200
“Rite of Passage” Alchemy Dance Company by Amy Harding $100
Warming up thefidget space: Phase One!! by Megan Bridge $200
Philly Tap Challenge $200

@2018 & Delaware Valley On Line